Taking care of your health and wellbeing during your studies is important. If you are going to be living and studying at St Andrews for three months or more you must take the responsibility to register with a medical practice in order to receive medical care. If you are ill or require prescribed medication and are not registered with a medical practice here, you will experience a delay in obtaining an appointment and medication.

If you are unwell, you may not need a doctor – for there are many additional healthcare services available in St Andrews which are sometimes more appropriate. For any queries regarding accessing appropriate healthcare, a good place to start is the Student Health Hub ( which is staffed by trained members of Student Services. Although the NHS is an independently run service and the university is unable to have any control or influence over clinical decisions, the University wants to do all that it can to help students access the appropriate service.

Students living in hall can also contact their warden or the wardennial team for general advice. Residence staff are not medically qualified, but all wardennial staff and some other residence staff are trained in basic first aid (including mental health first aid) and will liaise with emergency health services as appropriate. University staff are not responsible for the ongoing medical care of any student.

All international students will need to change to a UK sim for their mobile whilst studying here in St Andrews in order to access NHS services, including urgent medical care. Find out more about mobile phones.

Dental care

St Andrews has a mixture of NHS and Private dentists. Both offer similar services although waiting lists can sometimes be encountered with some of these. It is worth noting that, if all you require is a regular check-up every few months, it might be best to remain with your dental practitioner at home and slot in appointments with them if you are returning there in vacation time.

Find out how to access a dentist.