The University of St Andrews' Chaplaincy is a source of support for many students of any faith or philosophy.

The Chaplain, Revd Dr Donald MacEwan, and Assistant Chaplains, Revd Samantha Ferguson, and Bill Shackman offer support and encouragement, as well as an opportunity to talk through personal and academic problems on a confidential basis. Some students explore personal growth and spiritual development, while others discuss issues with no reference to faith. Bill Shackman, is also available to discuss interfaith and environmental issues. All students are welcome, regardless of faith or philosophy. The Chaplains also visits students in hospital to offer support.

Other members of the Chaplaincy team are also available for consultation, including representatives from Buddhism, Christianity, Humanism, Islam, Judaism and Paganism.

The Chaplaincy, based in Mansefield building in St Mary’s Place, is used by many students for meetings, events, meals, prayer and meditation. It includes Muslim prayer rooms as well as other quiet prayer and meditation spaces. The Chaplaincy works closely with Student Services and plays a full part in assisting students.

The Chaplaincy also oversees a Lock Link Scheme, connecting local people with students whose first language is not English.