The Global Office is responsible for managing strategic, multi-dimensional partnerships; providing co-ordinated support for key Global activities which are cross-institution and which enhance student experience, academic reputation and research connectivity internationally; and supporting the alignment of Global services to ensure a consistent approach and a seamless service for academics, students and external stakeholders.

The Global Office manages a wide range of Study Abroad, collaborative programmes, and research collaborations with partner institutions around the world. The Global Office also manages the business of the University’s International Committee and takes forward projects and initiatives identified by the Committee in support of the University Strategy.

The Office works closely with other Units under the Global banner (Admissions, Careers, Development and the International Education Institute), as well as the Principal’s Office, Schools, Registry, and Research and Innovation Services.

Service statement for students

The Global Office encourages and empowers students by providing a supportive and informative service as they navigate a range of academic transitions. The Global Office offers a friendly and flexible environment for students to access professional expertise, seeking to deliver a fair and consistent service and recognising the importance of pro-active, timely and responsive engagement. The Global Office works collaboratively across the University to ensure their activities and interactions contribute to the enhancement of the St Andrews student experience.