Global Office Team

Director of the Global Office

Samantha Lister

The Director provides leadership to a range of global activities which enhance student mobility and experience, academic reputation and research connectivity internationally. This includes leadership on the establishment and development of strategic partnerships and participation in international networks, innovative partnership projects including joint programmes, and services associated with student and staff travel. The role also includes co-ordination of the University’s status as a University of Sanctuary. Based at St Andrews since 2005, Samantha has broad experience in higher education administration, having worked in various management roles across student recruitment and admissions, academic registry, international education and student support services, including serving as Warden of St Salvator’s Hall for four years. She was tasked with establishing and leading the Global Office in support of University strategy in 2019. Samantha has an MA (Hons) degree in German and International Relations from St Andrews, which included a year abroad in Leipzig as an English Language Assistant, and an MLitt in Cultural Identity Studies, with a focus on higher education and cultural identity.

Head of Operations and Partnership Governance

Christian Harding

The Head of Operations and Partnership Governance has oversight of Global Office partnership activities and partnership governance, including due diligence and risk assessment processes, partnership compliance and contractual frameworks for collaborations. He also has operational responsibility for the University's Global PhD programme and other PGR collaborative work, and liaises with partner institutions towards new collaborative activity. In addition, the role involves management of the Turing scheme and oversight of Global Office processes for travel support. Christian graduated from St Andrews with a PhD in Mediaeval History in 2010 and after working in academic positions in Glasgow and Limoges, returned to the University in 2013 working in the Library and Registry before becoming Collaborations Officer for the Global Office in March 2017.

Partnerships Officer (Research and Reputation)

Harriet Sheridan

The Partnerships Officer (Research and Reputation) is responsible for managing cross-institution global projects which enhance academic reputation and research connectivity, overseeing a range of network and association memberships which involve strong international partnerships, and coordinating the Global Office’s branding and messaging. Harriet holds an MSc in International Public Policy and Diplomacy and has extensive experience supporting research-led international partnerships and networks.

Student Mobility Officer (Outbound)

Bronagh Masterson

The Student Mobility Officer is responsible for managing the student experience across outbound cohorts, and for supporting collaborative programmes such as the BA (International Honours). An Italian graduate of St Andrews, Bronagh has worked at the University since 2015 and enjoys supporting students through their study abroad experience.

Partnerships Officer (Agreements)

Tobias Patrick Wolf

This role manages the University's partnership agreements with HEIs and other curriculum and placement partners around the world. Tobias also works closely with the School of Medicine to support and maintain a number of Medicine-specific relationships in the UK and overseas, including partnerships with regional and national health boards, health practices, and placement providers. Tobias studied in Bonn and Cologne before first moving to Scotland as an exchange student in 2015. He has since graduated with a Master of Music Degree from the University of Aberdeen and has worked in several HE positions before joining the Global Office in 2022 where he managed inbound student and staff mobility before moving into this current role.

Partnerships Officer (Projects)

Julian Burton

The role is responsible for coordinating new collaborative projects, managing partner relationships, overseeing preparations for delegation visits to St Andrews and strategic visits overseas, and working to ensure a high-quality service for students on collaborative taught postgraduate programmes. Julian grew up in Canada and earned his PhD at Rutgers University in the United States. A former teacher at international schools, he lived and worked in eight countries before settling in Scotland in 2018, where he worked in policy and partnerships roles with several charities before joining the university.

Strategic Partnerships and Networks Coordinator

Joseph North

The Strategic Partnerships and Networks Coordinator works closely across the team to support projects, activities and events which enhance the University's key strategic connections and improve the experiences of students, researchers and professional staff. The role liaises with many of our European partners. Joseph graduated with a PhD in Italian from Durham University, and joined the Global Office in 2018.

Sanctuary and Scholarship Support Officer

Nihaya Jaber

The Sanctuary and Scholarship support officer collaborates closely with the Director of the Global Office to oversee and enhance the University's Sanctuary status. The role involves working with various Schools and Units within the University to ensure a coordinated, supportive, and inclusive experience for students from forced migration backgrounds and scholars at risk, and guide them to relevant internal and external services. Nihaya is a PhD graduate from University of Glasgow. Her PhD project focused on the educational and social challenges facing refugee families after their resettlement in Scotland. She has also worked on projects at University of East Anglia focusing on the lived experiences of refugee families in Scotland and England.

Turing Scheme Coordinator

Morag Mayes

The Turing Scheme Coordinator provides dedicated support for students funded through the Turing scheme, including students studying, working, or volunteering abroad and is responsible for institutional co-ordination of Turing scheme activities and compliance. Morag has worked in various roles at the University since 2007 and enjoys the interaction with students, staff and partner institutions, whether already established or in development.

Travel and Events Coordinator

Mauireen Quinn

The Travel and Events Coordinator provides dedicated support for the outward travel of staff and students, including the provision of pre-departure guidance, and the co-ordination of the University's online travel tool. The role also provides support to events and inward visits as well as playing a role in co-ordinating the Global Fellowship scheme. Mauireen has a background in luxury hotel management, working in North America and Scotland along with task force assignments in several international locations. She started in 2020 assisting Residential Business Services with various projects over lockdown and joined The Global Office in 2021.

Summer Schools and Communications Coordinator

Jonny Airey

The Summer Schools Coordinator is responsible for the organisation and development of a variety of summer schools and short extracurricular courses. He works with partners to develop exciting and collaborative opportunities for our students and to bring external students to St Andrews. Jonny holds a BA in International Development from the University of East Anglia and spent over 7 years working across several organisations in Cambodia before moving back to the UK in 2022. He joined the Global Office at St Andrews in 2023 and enjoys working with and supporting students through their academic journeys.

Global Senior Administrator

Eilidh Henderson

The Global Senior Administrator is responsible for supporting inbound and outbound students through the study abroad journey, liaising with our international partner institutions and providers to enable student and staff mobility. Eilidh graduated with a Masters Degree in English, specialising in Science Fiction, from the University of Dundee. She joined the Global Office in 2022 and enjoys supporting students on their study abroad journey.

Global Opportunities Representative

Anthony Tobin

The Global Opportunities Representative is responsible for providing support for a variety of student focus activities within the Global Office. These include event organisation and attendance, promotion of study and work abroad opportunities, maintaining a strong presence on social media and providing guidance and advice to outbound students. Anthony holds a BA from University College Cork and spent a year studying at the University of Barcelona. Before joining the Global Office in 2023, he was teaching English in northern Spain.

Global Senior Administrator

Lali Grifell Perea

The Senior Administrator provides support for collaborative programme activities, including the University’s joint degrees and Global PhD programmes. This also involves working with the Head of Operations and Partnership Governance to facilitate the Agreement lifecycle, including contract processing, and providing administration support for the Global Office operational matters. Lali studied English at the UAB university in Barcelona and holds an MA honours degree in Interpreting and Translating with French and Spanish as the main languages. She has a background in five-star hospitality and customer service, and worked temporarily in St Leonards School before joining the Global office in August 2022. She enjoys supporting both students and staff across a range of study abroad functions.

Global Administrator

Rachel Murray

The Global Administrator provides administrative support for all Global activities and supports the senior administrators. The role includes managing the student documentation from outset to completion for study abroad students as well as offering support to students via email and during consultation hours.