Environmental Sustainability Policy

The School of Geography and Sustainable Development (SGSD) is developing its own Environmental Sustainability Policy.  This page shares our progress.

SSGSD practices what it preaches: to develop sustainable practices within the School and amongst its community of students and staff.  We are the first School to be developing an Environmental Sustainability Policy aligning with and going beyond the wider sustainability goals of the University.  Undergraduates, postgraduates, administrative staff and academic staff are collaborating to create the policy.  We are determined to ensure the breadth of our community are involved in decision making. 


Our mission is to enhance the sustainability of practices and impacts within the School of Geography and Sustainable Development.


  • To work towards making the School of Geography and Sustainable Development net-zero by 2035, as a response to the climate crisis and in line with the University net-zero goal
  • To work holistically towards more sustainable practices within the School, developing strategies and guidance as a community that encourage individual and collective behavioural change built on the principles of climate justice and inclusivity
  • To develop shared goals and monitor and evaluate progress against agreed targets
  • To share learnings and provide leadership on Environmental Sustainability Policy development with other Schools across the University

Our policy will develop protocols and guidance around the following key themes:

  • Resource use including procurement, recycling and travel
  • Working practices including use of space and laboratory activities
  • Community engagement within the School, across the University, within the Higher Education sector and in partnership with local community groups
  • Support of practices associated with research and teaching and learning

Our School Events page provides further information on future and past sustainability-related events.