University of St Andrews Business School - building on our seven-century legacy

From geopolitical tensions and the existential threat of the climate crisis to economic and health inequalities, our society faces unprecedented and rapidly evolving global challenges our leaders are unequipped to deal with.

Business schools can be vital to developing the inclusive, diverse, responsible, and entrepreneurial knowledge and leadership we need to find solutions.

But business school education needs to change fundamentally. To realise its full potential in tackling societal challenges, we must further unite critical thinkers from Management, Economics, and Finance to collaborate with colleagues across academia, from International Relations to Medicine and Computing, and public, private, and third-sector organisations.

The University of St Andrews seven-century legacy of academic excellence, tradition of social consciousness, global outlook, vibrant collegiate community, and compact scale allow us to build a business school that develops the interdisciplinary knowledge and leaders we need, meaningfully and authentically.

On Tuesday 1 August 2023, we marked an important milestone in our journey in this process, merging the former School of Management and School of Economics and Finance to create University of St Andrews Business School, and starting a 12-month transition process to its official launch in August 2024.

During this transition year, education delivery and research will not change.

The Business School and its three departments - Management, Economics, and Finance – will build on the strengths of the former School of Management and School of Economics and Finance, both ranked in the top five of their subject areas in the UK and will be uniquely St Andrews – world-leading, diverse, digital, sustainable, and entrepreneurial.

Its future is for the University of St Andrews community, our students and staff, to shape.

Let’s build it together.

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