Summer Academic Experience Courses

Applications for July 2023 are now closed

Applications for July 2024 will reopen in November 2023.

The Summer Academic Experience Courses (SAEC) offer pupils from around the world the unique opportunity to experience courses taught in the Scottish academic tradition by current academic staff. Students will get to study an academic subject of their choice, whilst also developing their academic research and writing skills. Students on these courses must have a good level of English.

Students will receive a student ID card and will have free access to our world-class facilities, including the library and newly redeveloped sports centre.

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Why did you choose St Andrews?

>> GABRIEL: I came here because I wanted to see if this University was the right fit for me as well as developing my interests in environmental science and social anthropology, and I felt like this programme was a really good one between those two.


What did you think of your course?

>> GABRIEL: My course when I got here, I wasn’t really sure what to expect but the combination between lectures and interactive activities as well as trips like we went to the Isle of May to see the seals and the puffins, trips to the beach to do experiments there, I would say it was all very creative, and I would say I definitely learnt a lot and gained a lot of skills.


What was your favourite part?

>> GABRIEL: I would say my favourite part so far has just been meeting everyone, we have a lot of free time with classes more in the mornings and then in the evening I’ve had time just to meet new people, venture into town, spent nights on the beach, it’s all been amazing.


Would you recommend this programme?

>> GABRIEL: I would recommend this programme to anybody who’s looking to explore their academic interests, gain a lot of independence, travel the world, and just see if this university is right for them, but most of all I’d recommend it to students who are willing to take initiative in their own education and personal development.


What did you think of St Andrews?

>> GABRIEL: St Andrews as a place to be is the most fun town I’ve ever been in my life, there’s never ending things to do, I thought it was quite small when I first arrived but every day I find lots of things to do, it’s so beautiful, I highly recommend it.


Course dates

Start date: Saturday 8 July 2023
End date: Saturday 29 July 2023

Course fee

The course fee for 2023 entry is £4,800. This is an all-inclusive fee.

A deposit of £250 must be paid within two weeks of you receiving your conditional offer for the course, or by Monday 3 April 2023, whichever is sooner.