Mature students

The University considers you to be a mature (or independent) student if you have been out of formal education for a period of three years or longer prior to returning to study and have not previously completed an undergraduate qualification.

Students living in Scotland

If you live in Scotland, there are options to study full time during the day or part time during the day or evening.

Students living outside of Scotland

For those living elsewhere in the UK, you can look at the subjects we have available to study. You can also look at the qualifications we accept from England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

All other applicants should look directly at the subjects on offer and our entry requirements for information regarding the qualifications accepted from your country.

Already have a degree

For those who have an existing degree-level qualification, there are two options. If you are looking to:

  • study for a second undergraduate degree, you should look at our subject options.
  • progress to a higher level of study, you should look at our postgraduate study options.