Eligibility and cost

Any St Andrews researcher can request an account on kennedy. There are two access mechanisms for obtaining computer time:

High-priority access

Funded research with provision for computing expenses can recive high-priority CPU time at a cost of £0.0118 per core hour. You can apply for computer time using the high priority application form. Researchers applying for grants to finance (partially or fully) computational research can receive support in their application via the grant application costing form.

Low-priority access

Researchers without dedicated funding for computing can access kennedy at lower priority. You can apply for access using the access application form. Low-priority access is free at the point of delivery, but for long-running projects a School contribution to the running of the HPC resource, determined between the School and the HPC Board, is expected. Short-term access (up to three months) is possible without such a contribution. Please contact the system administrator, herbert.fruchtl@st-andrews.ac.uk, for details.