The School of Divinity is committed to the historical integrity of the classical disciplines of Divinity – Hebrew Bible / Old Testament, New Testament, historical and systematic theology, church history, and practical theology – and to the technical, historical, and linguistic competencies that underpin them. 

These commitments are the foundation for productive institutional collaborations that extend the School's scope, for example with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Centre for Islamic Theology in Tübingen, and the Theological Faculty of the University of Zurich. They also enable deep cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary engagement, which is conducted primarily through the School’s four research institutes, and extended in some of its research projects and impact initiatives.

The life of the research community is anchored in five weekly research seminars and in regional and international conferences.

The School is committed to equality and diversity among its staff and students. Learn more about its research and teaching facilities, and its framework for professional development. You can also find out about opportunities for independent fellowships at the School.