Help fund Wardlaw Scholarships in the cost of learning crisis

The cost of living crisis – following hard on the heels of the disruption created by the pandemic – has made it increasingly difficult for many people to pursue higher education.

Many students rely on support from family to help cover their costs for higher education, but for those  from financially challenged backgrounds, this simply isn’t an option. The cumulative and ongoing effect of these crises means that hardship is now even more entrenched for many deserving students. This poses a huge threat to students’ academic studies, welfare and future prospects.

Through crisis after crisis, the University and the global St Andrews community have come together to put students first. Wardlaw Scholarships are, now more than ever, a lifeline for those students experiencing the cumulative effects of multiple crises. A scholarship enables them to take their place at St Andrews and supports them through their four-year journey, all the way to graduation.

Thanks to an absolutely amazing response to the annual Wardlaw Scholarships appeal last year, the University was able to award 40% more scholarships in 2023-24. You are helping to ensure that students’ abilities, not their backgrounds, determine their entry to, and fulfilment of, their degree at St Andrews.

Your contribution and connection to the University is felt every day by a student who, thanks to you, receives a Wardlaw Scholarship.

Please – if you can – help another deserving student by donating to Wardlaw Scholarships today.

Thank you so much for your support.

For more information about the Wardlaw Scholarships Appeal please contact Magdalena Croy at

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