Student support

The University offers extensive support to all students connected with the University, through Student Services and the Chaplaincy.

Student Services

Acting as the first port of call for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, Student Services is tasked with helping students at St Andrews achieve what they deserve: the best university experience possible. Student Services also manages communication with anyone who is concerned about a student at the University, from parents and guardians to those in the local community and external agencies.

Student Services coordinates four main functions, each committed to monitoring and enhancing the student experience.

Meet with Student Services

The front door for Student Services is the "ASC" — the Advice and Support Centre, located at 79 North Street, which gives information on any student matter and can organise appointments with Student Services. Some members of the Student Services are based at Eden Court, which is located on The Scores. You can find more information on the ASC — including opening hours — on the advice and support web pages.

The Chaplaincy

Students are also welcome to contact the University Chaplain, Revd Dr Donald MacEwan (, or Assistant Chaplains, Revd Samantha Ferguson ( and Bill Shackman (, who offer non-judgmental support to the student community of any faith or philosophy of life. This includes:

  • one-to-one confidential meetings where students can discuss issues (academic, social, family, relationship or other issues)
  • sympathetic support during a crisis
  • support in emotional and spiritual issues
  • questions around sexuality and gender
  • an opportunity for students to explore their faith or philosophy of life
  • visits to any student who is in hospital

The Chaplaincy is situated in Mansefield, opposite the Student's Association. Mansefield is used by a variety of student societies, notably by faith societies for prayer, worship, meditation and fellowship.

To find out more about the services offered, take a look at the Chaplaincy website