Worship in St Andrews

The University has two chapels: St Salvator's Chapel and St Leonard's Chapel. These chapels – both of which date back to the 15th century – are the central points for most University services of worship. Services in the University chapels are organised by the Chaplaincy team, headed up by the Chaplain to the University, the Rev Dr Donald MacEwan. 

Students, staff and members of the public are welcome to attend services in the University chapels, whether or not they share the faith of the chapel. 

For information about getting married in the University chapels, please take a look at the weddings web pages.

GDPR image capture information

From time to time photography and filming of events and chapel services may take place to share on our social media channels and in future publicity material.

Images will be stored securely on University devices. No personal details will be saved with these images, although you may be tagged in social media posts. If you would prefer not to be photographed or filmed, please speak to a member of the Chaplaincy team, preferably in advance. You can also email chaplaincy@st-andrews.ac.uk. You also have the right to request that social media images be deleted should you withdraw consent at a future date.

Worship in St Salvator's Chapel

The University invites all visitors to the chapel to share in its on-going life of prayer, whether by taking time to sit and pray, enjoying its silence or its music, or by joining in worship. 

St Salvator's Chapel is open for general access Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm via the cloister entrance.  Sundays outside term time only, 9am - 5pm.   There may be times during these periods when the chapel is not accessible due to chapel bookings and we recommend you check with the Chaplaincy office if you wish to visit the chapel on a particular date and time.

St Salvator's Chapel seats approximately 320. The pews face each other across the Chapel in collegiate style in the main part, with chairs facing forward in the ante-Chapel, behind a decorative screen. There is wheelchair access to the Chapel via the north entrance.

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Worship in St Leonard's Chapel

Situated within the grounds of St Leonards School, St Leonard's Chapel is a much smaller and more intimate setting than St Salvator's Chapel. It seats approximately 60 people, and as it is built in a traditional mediaeval style, pews face each other in collegiate style. Visitors should note that there is one small step into the Chapel.

St Leonard's Chapel is only open by arrangement, but visitors are welcome to attend the following services and meetings.

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Graduation Thanksgiving Services

During graduation week, short services of thanksgiving will be held each day in St Salvator’s Chapel. These services, lasting no more than 30 minutes, are open to all graduating students, their families, and guests, regardless of their faith or philosophy of life. For those unable to attend in person, services will also be livestreamed. 

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Monday 10 June, 11:15 am, St Salvator's Chapel

Tuesday 11 June, 9:30 am, St Salvator's Chapel

Wednesday 12 June, 9:30 am, St Salvator's Chapel

Thursday 13 June, 9:30 am, St Salvator's Chapel

Friday 14 June, 9:30 am, St Salvator's Chapel

Places to Pray

There are many places for private prayer and meditation in the University, for both students and staff.

St Salvator's Chapel is open from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm, during termtime, and Sundays, outside term time only, 9am to 5pm. Please use the cloister entrance. There may be times during these periods when the chapel is not accessible due to bookings as such we recommend you check with the Chaplaincy office if you wish to visit the chapel on a particular date and time. Email the Chaplaincy at chaplaincy@st-andrews.ac.uk for enquiries.

The Multi-faith space on the third floor in Agnes Blackadder Hall on the North Haugh, accessible with staff and students ID cards.  During the summer there may be occassions when the space is unavailable.

The Muslim brothers’ and sisters’ prayer rooms are located on the first floor of the Chaplaincy, Mansefield Building.

Chaplaincy - Mansefield building

Located opposite the Students’ Association, the Chaplaincy within the Mansefield Building is a space for worship, prayers and quiet reflection.  It also offers a space for counseling meetings, and student faith events, primarily.

The Chaplain, Revd Dr. Donald MacEwan, and Assistant Chaplains, Revd Samantha Ferguson and Bill Shackman, are available for booked pastoral appointments.

Contact chaplaincy@st-andrews.ac.uk for more information.